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Searching for a better candle burning experience is what started it all for the founders of St. Jude Candle Company. It seemed that the images, wax colors, and overall performance of the modern devotional candle had become flat and uninspiring. Out of the desire for a beautiful new novena light, St. Jude Candle Company was born. Founded in Houston Texas in 2007, SJCC set out to create beautiful candles and infuse the devotional candle industry with a new, vibrant energy. Robust colors, premium fragrances, and advanced technology are at the soul of St. Jude Candle Company.

In a very short time SJCC has gone from a small Houston factory serving local Texas retailers to our new state of the art manufacturing facility capable of producing thousands of candle cases every day. As we have grown we have remained diligent in our mission to provide our customers the absolute finest quality products. We only use 100% paraffin wax, not unreliable tallows or petrolatum mixtures. Customized graphic labels with special UV varnish ensures a smooth, warp free application to our glass which also creates a more beautiful, glowing image as your candle burns.

From our Holy Figures of Faith collection to our new Sanctuary Style line, SJCC offers a candle for any taste and intention. We are committed to introducing new products that will fire the soul and warm the hearts of all who love devotional candles and those who simply desire a new source to illuminate their world.

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